about me

My name is Golan and I’ll try to keep it short.

I’m in the 4th Decade of my life, and as far back as I can remember myself I was on the other side of the lens capturing life.

It didn’t take too long till I opened my first visual media business right after military service.

Like everyone I started small, freelancing – creating content for individuals and families who wanted to capture and relive their precious moments.

Capture > Edit – i loved it !

I worked for a living, and the process – it freed my mind. 

17 Years passed by, a journey of important lessons that without noticing made me and my business a one stop shop.

Today I’m creating visual content for broadcast, digital, social media, and corporations serving companies and individuals as one.

Offline & online video editing, animation & compositing, sound & graphic design. From a 6 second Commercials all the way to full length movies.

All done from a one (still small) boutique post production studio

located on the quiet hills of Givatayim.

My real passion?
I love music + I love to dance = Without a doubt – Creating Music Videos

Truth is – I really don’t plan to GROW much beyond where I am, as the personal connection matters to me the most.

I just plan to keep doing what I love.

Imagine > Capture > Edit > Teach